We must issue a warning of the following issues:

Shipping Delays (we hate them too!)
when you order from seasmoke.co your order may incur a shipping issue or delay, please be patient, our good friends at the USPS or other shippers are working hard to get it to you as fast as they can.

Partially Filled Orders
If you receive an order and it is only partially fulfilled please be patient, as we have different locations for different products they will be shipped in multiple shipments. Some products are made on demand and will take time, it is a more sustainable way of creating products and leads to less waste which is what we are all about. Trust us, we haven't forgotten you!

Double Charges on Credit Card
If your credit card shows that it was charged twice for one transaction, please contact your credit card issuer first to see if it a problem on their end.
99% of the time it is the credit card company's issue and there is nothing we can do about this on our end, if there was a way we could fix it, we would!

If there is still an issue please reply to your order email.
Or on our social media for a faster response.
Our links to be contacted are located here 


Sea Smoke® works in collaboration with NEFSA and other brands.
Please do not contact anyone other than Sea Smoke for any inquiries in regards to this store.

We are here to help assist our customers in any way we can!

Thank you in advance,
- Sea Smoke Team